DG Hub
Dangerous Goods Hub
VPCM, in consultation with the shipping and export industry, has developed the DG Hub to assist users in reporting their DG information throughout the supply chain.

The key advantages of the DG Hub are:

  • It is a more efficient, consistent and faster method for users to supply their DG data;

  • It can assist in streamlining the way users report DG information through the port community; and

  • Exporters, packers, transport companies, freight forwarders and shipping lines can create and distribute Multimodal Dangerous Goods Forms and vessel DG manifests using the system.

The DG Hub is easy to use for anyone familiar with Multimodal Dangerous Goods Forms (MO41s) and email systems.

Click on the Register button in the bottom left to register to use the DG Hub.


Please note an outage is required to conduct scheduled maintenance and DG Hub will be unavailable on the following day and time

Saturday 22nd January 2022 from 08:00 AM to 12:00 PM. Ensure that you exit DG Hub and save all work prior to 07:45 AM.

For further assistance contact DG Hub support on 03 8347 8383 or DGHub.support@vicports.vic.gov.au